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Simply Strategy Talent Solutions Disclosure and Privacy Statements

updated January 12, 2020

I am passionate about sharing knowledge, insight and guidance here through Simply Strategic Talent Solutions.  I believe sharing knowledge and insight helps us all be better talent professionals.  This site is designed to educate, support and encourage.  I also want to hear from you.  Please be responsible in what you share - keep it polite and "HR appropriate."  Be honest and kind, in expressing views.  Inappropriate comments will be removed.  


Disclosure Statement

The objective here at Simply Strategic Talent Solutions (also is to share perspectives and insight on talent development in the workplace.  It’s also a place I hope to spur discussion and gather input from talent, HR and business professionals.  All content provided, including articles, emails and newsletter, is for informational purposes only.  If I share a link or refer to another site, it is also for informational purposes only. 

This site is paid for by my own means, and does not currently participate in affiliate programs.  In my full-time position, I am invited to speak at conferences or events or contribute to written works.  These are unpaid opportunities, outside of event hosts covering travel and conference expenses.


Privacy Statement

As part of growing a community at Simply Strategic Talent, I collect email addresses for the purposes of keeping you updated on new articles and information.  I very much value the gift of your contact email, and will not sell or distribute it.  I will use it for the sole purpose of reaching out to you regarding content on  Your privacy, my privacy, all privacy is imperative. 

As an action item within many articles, I host a brief survey to gather input.  I do not collect names or contact information with the survey.   Answers to survey questions are aggregated.

Simply Strategic Talent is hosted on the platform. provides its patrons an online platform that allows us to be available to you.  Your data may be stored on’s data storage, databases and general applications.  They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall.  At this time Simply Strategic Talent does not collect payment information of any kind.

If you would like to remove your name and email from the email list, please let me know at


Contact Me

I welcome your questions and input at  Thank you for stopping by and taking time to review this important information.

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