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Pick Your Word of the Year

How do you go about setting goals for the new year? 

  • Are you a resolution setter, holding yourself accountable so you don't drop them by January 17?

  • Do you set SMART goals, so you'll stay focused? 

  • Or maybe you're making a firm resolution to begin setting new year's goals?


For me, instead of goals for the year, I like to choose a word of the year that represents the direction I want to go or areas I'd like to grow.


A word of the year is a simple way to target growth without setting specific goals or resolutions.


I tend to not stick with resolutions, and I don't like to set goals that I then feel guilty about not achieving.  Personal goal-setting should be a positive exercise, and I choose to not feel guilty.  A word of the year is permission to make progress, but not go all out type-A.  It's a gentle way to keep forward momentum front and center.

As an example, my 2021 word of the year was "joy," and my focus was on finding the joy in the everyday bits of life and being joyful in all circumstances. 

joy behance by clairice gifford.jpg

As you think about your New Year, consider a word of the year that sets a tone for growth and positivity.


I've got just the thing to help - a worksheet to help you identify your word of the year.  Sign up below to reveal the worksheet link.

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