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I'm Grateful for You & Your Labor

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

A long weekend is almost upon us. At least, I hope it's almost upon you! If you have to work… thank you! If you do get an extra weekend day, I hope you carve out some you time!

In light of Labor Day, I want to thank you for all you do to help the leaders and employees that you serve shine. Thank you for the hard work and passion you bring to talent development.

heart keychain with thanks penned on it
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Labor Day is a day to be grateful for those who work to keep American businesses going strong. And that's you! I see you back there - your tireless hours and attention to every detail. Sure, you may be in a support role, but in modern business, without the training expertise, learning & development options, succession planning, performance support and talent conversations, employees can stall and leaders can suck. So, thank you!

I'm grateful for you and the work you do every day to make talent development look good!

Labor Day factoids to share at the last BBQ of the year

There are multiple theories as to the origin of Labor Day, but they are all rooted in a recommendation by Labor Leaders in 1882, as a "general holiday for the laboring classes." While states instituted the holiday quickly, by 1894, it became a federal holiday. The Department of Labor shares that the day is a "national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country." I volunteer as tribute to relax on Labor Day.*

Hear, hear to the contributions you have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of the organizations we serve! As a few examples, here are some of the ways the talent management solutions you deliver make an impact:

  • Engaged employees deliver better customer service. Better customer service creates repeat customers. Repeat customers drive increased revenues. We all like increased revenues. The key is "engaged" employees, and you create engagement when:

    • Employees have clear line of sight between what they do and an organization's priorities and bottom-line.

    • Employees experience active development and career potential.

  • You support employees and leaders with sustained productivity. Where there are employees, there are performance management needs. We employees need lots of feedback and sometimes, performance support to sharpen our game.

  • You support leaders when we aren't doing so great. Sometimes we need a little extra TLC and coaching. Fine, maybe we are high maintenance sometimes… many times.

  • You give employees the resources, development and opportunities to advance their careers. One of the things employees most desire from their employers is options for career growth.

If you were struggling with the why behind what you do each day, no need. You are invaluable to today's workforce. Employees need you. Leaders really need you. And organizations won't have a competitive edge without you. So get in there and finish the week strong. Then take a day on Monday to refresh and use that grill... Tuesday will be here before you know it!


*pop culture reference to The Hunger Games. More on the reference here, if you're not familiar with the movie. Courtesy of my husband, who is also my editor, and didn't get the reference. #toomuchNPRnotenoughpopculture


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