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Hello, Talent Folks

It's a new year, even a new decade, and my favorite time of the year. I just love the feeling of new beginnings, the promise of new adventures and hopefulness.

Friends, this year I am launching a new adventure -- and I hope you'll join me!

Welcome to Simply Strategic Talent Solutions!

I am passionate about all things talent development. I love that we get to support people in bringing their best to the workplace. I love how we connect the dots between leaders and the talent on their teams. I love how we help organizations improve bottom-line results through an investment in their people.

I’ve led talent development teams since, dare I say...1998. I’ve realized one of my primary passions is developing people, those who I serve as a boss and lately, those in the talent development field who desire to make a difference in their organizations.

The purpose of Simply Strategic Talent is to provide:

  • Insight

  • Challenge

  • Thought provoking ideas

  • Development on topics pertinent to our field

I hope that you’ll stick around and lend your insight and thought provoking ideas, too. There’s plenty of room for discussion and learning in this vast adventure that's talent development.


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