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3 Steps for Effective Change Management: Video Brief with Cheree Aspelin, VP HR & Diversity

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

What's that quote?

"Change is the only constant in life." -Heraclitus

Indeed. Change is rolling through our society and workplaces at warp speed. I know I feel it, and I've talked to so many others who feel it, too. I began seeing a while back that we are so busy doing that we don't set aside strategic time to focus on helping people work through change. Just about every project that we deliver, as Talent Development Professionals, needs a change management plan, and that takes effort and expertise. I've been on a change management kick lately because it's foundational skill that I want us all to improve.

And I've got the perfect expert to share with you for a break-worthy dose of insight on change management. But first, bookmark these resources on change management:

Ok now we're ready for that dose of insight.

I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with a colleague who I met several years ago at an HR conference, Cheree Aspelin. When we met, she was focused on change management work and I was impressed by her passion, perspective and expertise.

Cheree has recently taken on the leadership of the HR and Diversity Team at Lubrizol, as VP, HR and Chief Diversity Officer. First of all, congrats to her - well deserved! Cheree has led talent management, change management and diversity, inclusion & equity for Lubrizol, BP and JP Morgan Chase, building great expertise and perspective. She has a knack for applying talent solutions across the talent management spectrum, connecting the dots and broadening her impact. I think you'll see what I mean when you watch the brief.

Quick reminder: Talent Folks' Video Briefs are 10-12 minute interviews with talent leaders and experts with the aim of introducing you to new thinking and ideas that you can implement for yourself and within your organizations.

In this Talent Folks' Video Brief we learn about a three step framework that Cheree uses to support change management and how she applied it to her work at Lubrizol on Diversity, Inclusion & Equity.

Cheree has just encouraged you to jump in and give change management a go! Love it! Starting is that first hurdle out of the gate. You can correct as you go, but you've got to get started. What project are you tackling that needs a little change management magic?


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