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Pace Yourself... No Really

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Taking my own advice to take a breather and re-prioritize.

It's always hard when you have to follow your own coaching or take your own medicine. It's so much easier to give good advice than to apply it to yourself.

One of the requests you shared with me when I asked what you wanted to learn more about was how to manage all the demand coming your way and stretch out your capacity. I pulled together a few resources and thoughts on that in my content plan for the year with the idea that we would discuss how to Pace Ourselves.

And then my schedule and demand got too full. I had more things coming my way than I had capacity to deliver. I was pooped, putting pressure on myself to juggle many priorities with a smile, and finally realized that it was ok to stop a few things. So, I let a few of the lesser priority balls drop, in particular with this site. I created some space to take a break, re-prioritize and gave my inner type-A permission to adjust the plan.

stacked rocks by rushing river
Fantail Falls, Mount Aspiring National Park, NZ - taken by author, Nov 2018

And you know what I gained? Clarity on where I need to refocus some of my time and courage to take a few steps that I'd been putting off to move my strategy forward.

It's healthy to revisit priorities and adjust as the year unfolds. We certainly learned that in 2020. The year we started was not at all similar to the year we wrapped up.

I bet you're on the treadmill too. You're trying to figure out how to support your organization with wherever the "new normal" will land, navigate an interesting talent-scape and keep up with the objectives you set for the year.

I've taken my own advice, so let me encourage you with the same - it's a good time as we welcome the summer months to revisit your priorities and tweak as needed. Take time off, do things that fill you up, give yourself space in your timeline to be late or dawdle. I remember reading in Originals (Book Brief here), that sometimes a little dawdling pays off with a creativity boost.

Pace Yourself. You're the only You we have, so please take care.


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