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Talent Development Discussions on the Talent Development Hotseat Podcast

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

In April I had the opportunity to talk with Andy Storch, host of the podcast, Talent Development Hot Seat. And you know I love talking shop with others who are also passionate about talent development.

We chatted about:

  • Talent Development philosophy

  • Southwest's Culture

  • Continuous performance management

  • Supporting the Company, Leaders and Employees during early COVID-19 responses

  • High potential leadership development programs

  • Lessons I've learned in my leadership journey

  • Trends I've got my eye on

This episode has also been posted on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast outlets. You can find it by searching Talent Development Hot Seat in your favorite Podcast App, or by clicking this link to iTunes or this link to Google Podcasts.

Andy has a wide-array of offerings to support leaders and talent development folks, from coaching and speaking to consulting and mastermind sessions. He also hosts two podcasts, with topics and interviews that will stretch your knowledge in the talent development field. I already have a few earmarked to listen to this week. I hope you'll listen to this one and earmark a few others for your own personal development.

Thanks for a great convo, Andy! I look forward to continuing the conversation.


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