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Talent Folks' Video Brief - Interview with Angie Sanders

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Staying Current in Learning & Development

This month at Simply Strategic Talent Solutions it's back to school season. We are covering topics for our own personal development.

So far, we've talked about…

In the spirit of continuous learning, I am stretching my own personal development by trying a new medium for some of the weekly articles here at Simply Strategic Talent Solutions. Growth is good, right?

Thus, I'm pleased to introduce Talent Folks' Video Briefs! Because you're time is valuable, Video Briefs target providing valuable tidbits in brief 10-12-minute interviews with talent leaders and experts. The aim is to introduce you to new thinking and ideas that you can implement for yourself and within your organizations.

I've also branched out with a vimeo account, and will the learning never cease!? Be afraid… now that I've figured out that home-grown videos aren't super complicated I might over-do it. Kidding! Maybe.

This first Video Brief features a fantastic leader and expert in learning and development, and I don't think you'll be disappointed… at least not with the insight shared… maybe with my video skills. I tend towards perfectionism, so I'm stretching that tendency with an informal, home-grown approach with little to no editing. I value authentic, positive conversation, so will strive to keep it real and informational.

But let's get to the good stuff… Without further ado, let me introduce this article's expert: Angie Sanders. Angie is a deep expert in learning & development and a talented people leader. She currently leads the Leadership & Employee Development Team at Southwest Airlines University. She has a passion for this work, a crazy cool ability to execute on projects, is a strong developer of people and is a great friend. I learn a lot from her, and I hope that in this 10-minute video you will capture a take-away or two, as well.

Specifically, in this Talent Folks' Video Brief we explore five questions with Angie Sanders:

  1. What keeps you passionate and rooted in learning & development?

  2. Tell us about the new philosophy you've engaged with leadership & employee development at Southwest Airlines University.

  3. You have demonstrated fancy footwork this year, taking advantage of disruption to implement a learning center quickly. Can you tell us about that?

  4. What skills do you recommend talent professionals focus on to add value to their organizations?

  5. Are there experts that you follow to stay current? What resources do you recommend to stay current in learning & development?

Thank you, Angie, for sharing your insight with us! It's such a pleasure to partner with you on all the cool stuff! And just for fun... team building pics from the archives - with our Co-Heart Petra Holcomb.

three women dressed up
Halloween at SWA is the ultimate team building, and team meetings are much more fun with a theme.

Personal Development Reflections

Here's what I gleaned for my own personal development with this interview:

  • Plan ahead, don't just wing it. I typically prefer to learn as I go, and it often doesn't fly. Do-overs happen a lot, and I'm always grateful for the grace to rinse and repeat. (Thanks, Ang, for three tries at the interview before I figured out the right platform).

  • I make the oddest facial expressions. Considering whether I want to work on that.

  • Patrick Lencioni has published a new book, and it's a good one for leaders! I totally missed it!

Talent Folk, thank you for tuning in to this week's interview on learning & development. If you don't want to miss a future episode, sign up below. I promise - no spam (email or in a can).

Also, feedback is a gift. I'd like to hear if you like the new Video Brief format or not and what other topics you'd like to learn about. Sign-up below and drop me a comment. I promise I won't wilt if you share constructive thoughts with me. Again, feedback = gift.


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