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13 Women Authors Who've Had a Positive Influence on My Life

Celebrating female authors who have been a positive influence because either I just really love them or they've challenged me to expand my thinking.

If we've met, you probably know I like to read. As I thought about how to recognize International Women's Day on March 8, I thought I would share some of the female authors I've grown up with, learned from and who have been a positive influence.

International Women's Day is an opportunity to celebrate women's achievements and elevate the discussion about gender discrimination. The International Women's Day organization is hosting a great theme for 2023 - #embraceequity. Check it out.

13 Kick-Ass Female Authors

This is by no means a complete list of the fantastic female authors I've followed through the years, but are 13 that rise to the top of my mind.

Fiction Books by Female Authors I've Loved over the Years

  • Louisa May Alcott - Little Women. A forever favorite.

  • Jane Austen - How can you name a favorite Jane Austen book? Impossible. We'll go with the likely most read Pride & Prejudice.

  • Judy Blume - Are You There God, It's Me Margaret. Applicable for all tween girls growing up, then and now.

  • Marion Zimmer Bradley - Mists of Avalon. All of MZB's work was influential on my teenage mind.

  • Beverly Cleary - Ramona, you rocked then and you rock now.

  • Diana Gabaldon - Outlander. James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser forever. I used to have a mug that said something like that. The television series - please, can we not talk about that?

  • Robin McKinley - The Blue Sword. Don't underestimate the girl!

  • Ayn Rand - Anthem was a favorite.

Nonfiction Female Authors & Their Books that have Influenced My Thinking Recently and Over Time

  • Brené Brown - She writes excellent books - probably because she's also an excellent thinker. The Gifts of Imperfection remains the most impactful for me.

  • Susan Cain - Quiet. She made it ok to be an introvert.

  • Kathy Lubar & Bella Linda Halpern - Leadership Presence. Guidance on how to be an authentic leader.

  • Michele Obama - Becoming. Fan girl. The end.

  • Ruchika Tulshyan - Inclusion on Purpose - A recent discovery that has given me new perspective about DE&I and where to focus.

International Women's Day shouldn't be limited to a day or month. Embracing equity across all that we do in Talent Development, HR and business will make a difference to employees and in creating an environment where all can thrive.

Now it's your turn. Which women authors have been a positive influence in your life? Leave a comment below.


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